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Everything you need for community and facility management

iPlusLiving is a holistic property management service provider that strives to deliver a thorough & digitalized management service to streamline your condo and facility management needs.

Driven by the country’s mission to transform Singapore into a smart nation, iPlusLiving digitalizes your management processes, meeting and simplifying your management issues while building a smart community for the modern world.

Why Partner with iPlusLiving?

Result-Driven Solution

We’ve been delivering tailored solutions to residences in Singapore over the years. We bring this experience and position ourselves as your go-to provider for residential & commercial property management needs.

Technology That Does More

In today’s age, staying updated with the latest tech innovation is critical to scaling your operations and outperforming competition. We are dedicated to simplifying your business and property management needs, and are constantly formulating solutions that help to leverage such improvements to your advantage.

Customer and Technical Support Every Step of The Way

Your satisfaction is our priority. Thus, we have built a team of experienced personnel who are always happy to address your concerns while delivering the best lifestyle experience possible. From technical support to maintenance service, our trained team will provide the ideal experience for you and your customers.

Resource and Cost Optimization

Our solutions help businesses optimise spends by automating processes and relieve your team with the hassle involved with traditional methods. iPlusLiving delivers intuitive features around an App and Web-based solution that aligns with the business service demands, optimizing resource usage and reducing cost.