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Live Smart, Manage Better

The iPlusLiving app and web solution provide you with innovative tools to simplify your condo management process while maximizing results. An easy-to-use centralized platform, we deliver an effortless property management approach that guarantees a perfect balance between agent, condo, and resident management.

A Seamless Intelligent Admin Console

Simplified Workflow for Improved Productivity

Holistic Smart Living Management System

Reinforced Data Security & Protection Technologies

Easier Communication

Go paperless with our wall notification features. Send announcements, upload and update condo and communal facilities house rules to residents online while saving your time and avoiding the manual stress.

A Safer Community

Offering a centralized property management system, you can now monitor visitors and gather their information, vehicle number, and timespans to ensure optimal safety of your residents.

Hassle-free Payment Processes

Forget about the stress involved with handling your management fees. iPlusLiving app simplifies this through convenient payment options designed for the modern world- Simple, convenient, and paperless.

A One-Click Solution

Built with maximum convenience in mind, our condo management service allows you to review and approve facility booking with a single click. A real-time system, this approach benefits both residents and condo managers.

Features & Modules

  • Key Collection Management
  • Facility Booking Management
  • Vehicle /Car Park Management
  • Visitor Management System
  • Multi Condo Management
  • Management Fund Collection
  • Deficiency Management
  • Document Storage
  • Community Management
  • Tenancy Period Management
  • E-Surveys / Polls
  • Dashboard with alerts
  • Report & Audit Trail
  • Smart Home Integration
  • And many more....

White Label Solution

iPlusLiving offers an array of easy and efficient white-label solutions to help businesses. Fine-tuning our services to your company’s processes, we help you leverage on the iPlusLiving system while focusing on the core of your business.

With our white label solution, you have iPlusLiving services branded with your business’ unique branding without having to make expensive capital investments into infrastructure or technology creation.

Off-the-Shelf Solution (COTS)

We have developed a ready-made solution that can be easier and quickly implemented. With features like commonly required functions specific to the residential industry, the iPlusLiving platform’s COTS software helps to reduce development cost.

Custom Developed Solution

We provide solutions that enhance and complement our COTS systems to meet specific requirements for your business needs. So, no matter your business processes or requirements, our custom developed solution ensures a perfect blend with improved productivity.

We strive to give your business the competitive edge to outperform your competition. We stay behind the scene, putting in the work needed for you to look good. How do we achieve this?

iPlusLiving offers a white-label solution for your business.


Offering our personalized app, you can fine-tune iPlusLiving to improve brand visibility while delivering optimal results.

Focus on your business core

iPlusLiving optimizes your productivity through comprehensive management solutions that reach the heart of your business.

Fast Deployment

Developing a solution from scratch takes large amount of time and investment. Our solutions are 100% flexible in delivering a tailored fit for your condo management needs. We cater to your team and residents without compromising on efficiency.

Customer Support and Maintenance

iPlusLiving’s commitment to outstanding technical and customer support is second-to-none. We help you maintain the best customer experience possible through a 24/7 responsive support desk that provides quick resolution to issues. From onboarding and setup services to configurations needs, our specialists are your white-labelled solution.

Payment Made Easy

Simplified fees through our digital solutions for condo management and facility booking.